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A Symphony of Comfort : Mitsubishi Heavy SRC/SRK20ZS-W 2.0Kw

Meet the Mitsubishi SRK20 2.0Kw, an exceptional air conditioning unit that promises to bring unparalleled comfort to your home. With the advanced engineering skills of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, this 2.0Kw model takes the concept of air conditioning to an art form.

Powerful Cooling, Uninterrupted Comfort

The Mitsubishi SRK20 2.0Kw delivers an extraordinary cooling experience. It is designed to handle the most demanding climates, promising a consistent and cool environment regardless of external weather conditions. With its 2.0Kw power output, this machine guarantees a refreshing, airy atmosphere in your living space.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Experience cooling like never before while doing your bit for the planet. The Mitsubishi SRK20 2.0Kw is a champion of energy efficiency, reducing your power consumption without sacrificing comfort. The eco-friendly design not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also significantly reduces your electricity bill.

Revolutionary Features for Premium Experience

This unit is a marvel of advanced features. From its whisper-quiet operation to an intelligent sleep mode, it ensures that your rest is not disturbed. The easy-to-clean filter ensures healthy indoor air quality while the smart automatic sweep ensures optimal distribution of cool air.

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2,5 kW


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Binnenunit Specificaties – SRC/SRK20ZS-W

Specificatie Detail
Model SRC/SRK20ZS-W (Binnen)
Koelcapaciteit 2.5 kW
Verwarmingscapaciteit 2.5 kW
Luchtstroom 6.7 m³/min
Geluidsniveau 19 dB (Laag) / 29 dB (Hoog)
Afmetingen (HxBxD) 295 x 800 x 209 mm
Nettogewicht 8.5 kg
Energie-efficiëntieklasse A++
SEER (Koelen) 6.5
SCOP (Verwarmen) 4.0
Filters HEPA, Actieve Kool
Functies Ontvochtiger, Auto Clean, Timer
WiFi-connectiviteit Beschikbaar
Afstandsbediening Ja inbegrepen
Installatiekit Inbegrepen Ja
Compressortype Roterend
Koelmiddeltype R32
Stroomvoorziening 220-240V / 1 Fase / 50 Hz
Nominale Stroom 4.6 A
Bedrijfstemperatuurbereik 0°C tot 35°C (Koelen)

Buitenunit Specificaties – SRC/SRK20ZS-W

Specificatie Detail
Model SRC/SRK20ZS-W (Buiten)
Geluidsniveau 48 dB
Afmetingen (HxBxD) 540 x 780 x 289 mm
Nettogewicht 25.5 kg
Energie-efficiëntieklasse A++
Functies Anti-corrosiebehandeling, Weerbestendig
Compressortype Roterend
Koelmiddeltype R32
Stroomvoorziening 220-240V / 1 Fase / 50 Hz
Nominale Stroom 5.9 A
Bedrijfstemperatuurbereik -10°C tot 24°C (Verwarmen)


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